Custom Dyeing

Custom Colour Dyeing with 10,001 Pantone Colors

Custom dyeing most fabrics & finished products to match your pantone colors take time. Some are apparel, aprons, bags, napkins, tablecloths, towels, trade show covers and display cloths. We'll need to determine what dyeing method to use. How will your product be used? Are you planning on printing or embroidering afterwards? Are we touching up old linen to look like new?

Be aware that dyeing 100% cotton products sewn with polyester thread requires a special dye process (for the polyester thread to match the fabric). Finding out after your cotton product has been dyed (thread has polyester) would require us to strip and re-dye your order. Delaying your order and costing you additional charges to re-dye.

Eliminating a Problem

Let us know if the sewn thread is 100% cotton, polyester or you don't know. We are able to test your product which requires a sample. "Do not assume your cotton product is sewn with 100% cotton thread." Most suppliers don't know. Products today (90%) are sewn with polyester or poly cotton thread. If your familiar with dyeing and know the type of dyeing method you want, let us know. Let us know if your planning on decorating afterwards. Please state this on our "Quote Inquiry Form" and on your purchase order.

AmeriMadeUSA wants you to feel comfortable when placing your custom dyeing with us. Be aware that labels already sewn in the garment may take the dye and have to be replaced. We suggest we run a test so you'll know.

Lab Dip

Lab dips are necessary to match your color before we schedule your order for dyeing. Lab Dips are normally 3 inch squares of the production fabric which we formulate to match the standard required. Once approved, we will schedule your order for dyeing. Be aware that labels already sewn in may take the dye and have to be replaced.


Sample dyeing takes approximately 10 days. Production dyeing takes 21-30 days.

Please include the following information on your quote request.

  1. What is the product you want dyed.
  2. What is the fabric content. What is the thread content.
  3. What color are you sending us.
  4. What Pantone colour # do you want dyed.
  5. What size (s) and how many pieces are you sending in each size.
  6. What is the weight (pounds) your sending. This helps in determining which equipment to use. Is this an estimate?
  7. Are you planning on decorating afterwards? This determines the method of dyeing we will use.
  8. When is your event date or when will you need back?

Please contact us with any other questions 913-681-5672.

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