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Merry Christmas Tapestry USA

Christmas Tapestries are custom woven.

Tapestries for Christmas are custom woven for you.  Let us weave a special Holiday tapestry for your business or gifts.  Ideal as a fund raiser or for gift shop purchase.  Bring us a picture and we will weave a beautiful custom tapestry for you.  Tapestries are woven in unlimited number of colors.  Each tapestry comes with a vinyl zipper bag for storage.  Minimum order 40 which can be divided into 2 different custom tapestries of 20 each.   

Style: Custom Weaving

Style               Size           Cost Each
Gold            50"  x 68"      $33.65
Silver           50" x 60"       $30.55
Bronze         50" x 50"       $25.95
Classic         50" x 36"       $22.35